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1. How are the prices of for-sale units determined?
2. What is the occupancy period on a for-sale MPDU and what does it mean?
3. What other financial means does an applicant need to purchase an MPDU?
4. What other monthly costs besides a mortgage payment must I pay if I purchase an MPDU?
5. What are the requirements for the homebuyer classes?
6. Do you provide financing for my home?
7. Is assistance offered for down payment and settlement expenses?
8. Can a buyer add upgrades to the allowable sales price of a unit and included in the mortgage?
9. Can a buyer have a cosigner for a mortgage loan?
10. What is the occupancy period for purchased MPDUs? What does this mean in terms of reselling a unit?
11. If I pay off my mortgage, does my obligation to the MPDU program remain in effect?
12. Can an MPDU owner refinance their MPDU at current market value?