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1. How often will I get a utility bill?
2. Who do I call if I have a question about my bill?
3. How can I change the name or address to which my bill is mailed?
4. The water consumption on my bill was very high. What should I do?
5. How can you read my water meter without removing the meter top?
6. How is my bill calculated?
7. How are water and sewer rates calculated?
8. What are the residential refuse rates?
9. What are the watershed restoration utility rates?
10. How much is the bay restoration fee?
11. How much is the turn on/off fee?
12. How do I disconnect/reconnect my water service?
13. How much does a special reading cost.
14. How do I obtain a lien certificate?
15. Why do I have to pay the City for refuse collection when I don't put out any trash?