The Annapolis Police Department is open during the City’s closure for COVID-19. Call 410-268-9000 for information on changes to police report requests.

COVID-19 Report Request Changes

If you come to the police department to request a police report you will find a mailbox inside the front doors of the police station. Drop your Records Request Form (link at bottom of page) and payment (check or money order) in the mailbox. Make sure to include your email address on the request. Blank records request forms and envelopes are available by the mailbox. The report and your receipt will be emailed to you when the request has been processed. Please call 410-268-9000 if you have any questions.

150th Anniversary

APD 150th Anniversary Logo - Guided by Community, Integrity and Service

Mission Statement

The Annapolis Police Department is dedicated to preventing and reducing crime for the community we serve. It is imperative we preserve the quality of life in the city through fair and impartial law enforcement services. The Annapolis Police Department will work tirelessly to provide our state's capitol with a safe and secure environment for those we serve.