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Public Information Act (PIA) Records Request

  1. The City of Annapolis charges a fee of 25 cents per page for copies of documents. There is no copy fee charged for requests of fewer than 10 pages. There may also be a fee of $30. per hour for retrieval and review of the records if the retrieval and review take more than 2 hours. In the case of an unusually large expense, prepayment may be required in advance.
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  4. A “person in interest” is a person who is the subject of the record, that person’s designee, or that person’s parent or legal representative if the person has a disability. Under law, certain records that would not otherwise be available may be available to a “person in interest.” At your option, you may indicate if you are a “person in interest.” Are you a “person in interest?” If yes, please explain below.*
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