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Ceremonial Document Request

  1. Please Note:
    • Requests Must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.
    • All ceremonial documents will be mailed to recipients. Due to COVID-19, no documents may be picked up at City Hall until further notice.
    • At least 72 hours notice is appreciated for In Memoriam requests (but not required)
    • Requests are limited to 10 ceremonial documents
  2. Type of Document Requested:*
  3. Citations limited to 100 words or less. Proclamations limited to no more than five “whereas” statements.
  4. Contact Information
    The Office of the Mayor reserves the right to deny any request for ceremonial documents, at the discretion of the Office of Communications.
  6. Notice:
    Before you submit this message, we would like you to be aware of our policy on the use of our web form messaging system. The policy states that the message you are about to send: (1) is subject to public disclosure under the Maryland Public Information Act, (2) is not private or confidential, and (3) may be retained indefinitely.
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