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Request to Anchor Boat in Annapolis City Waters

  1. What body of Water are you anchored in?*
  2. Marine Sanitation Devices
    City of Annapolis Waters are NO DISCHARGE ZONES
  3. Type of Marine Sanitation Device on your vessel: *
  4. Permission to remain in Annapolis waters is contingent on pumping out every 2 weeks, at a minimum. You may call the ANNAPOLIS PUMPOUT BOAT on VHF-17 to schedule a visit to your boat on request seven days a week. You must be on board at the time of service. Violations will result in citation and probable eviction from City waters.

  5. Policy understanding confirmation*

    15.10.080 - Anchoring.

    A. Anchoring is an act of navigation and must be done in conformity with City, State and Federal boating laws.

    B. Except in an emergency, a person may not anchor a vessel in City waters at any time if the vessel:

    1. Interferes with or obstructs navigation;

    2. Interferes with other anchored vessels;

    3. Is within three hundred feet of any bridge;

    4. Is in a designated and marked channel;

    5. Is within two hundred feet of any public mooring or pier;

    6. Is within seventy-five feet of any structure, shore or private mooring;

    7. Is in any designated and marked "no anchoring" area;

    8. Does not show appropriate lights at night;

    9. Poses a risk of collision to other boats already anchored;

    10. Is in a position or in a manner declared unsafe by the Harbormaster; or

    11. Creates an obstruction, security hazard, environmental hazard or other unlawful condition.

    C. A person who anchors a vessel in City waters shall pump out the vessel's holding tank at regular intervals, as determined by the Harbormaster. The person shall present evidence of such pumping to the Harbormaster.

    D. It shall be unlawful for any person to anchor any vessel in City waters for more than three days in any one-hundred-eighty-day period, unless the vessel and all persons on board register within three days of arrival and re-register every thirty days thereafter with the Harbormaster on a form provided by the Harbormaster.

    E. It shall be unlawful to anchor any housebarge in City waters.

    15.10.090 - Anchor watch.

    A vessel owner and operator shall maintain watch over the vessel while it is anchored or moored to a private mooring in City waters to prevent it from dragging or swinging and damaging the property of others.

    15.10.100 - Storage of vessels at anchor or at a public mooring.

    A vessel shall display its current registration in accordance with State law. Any unoccupied vessel, may not be stored at anchor, a public mooring or a street ending in City waters.

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