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Public Education Request Form

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  5. Annapolis Fire Department Fire Station Visitation Guidelines
    The chaperone/child ratio shall be at least Pre K, K, ECI - One chaperone to every four children (4-6 y/o) Elementary School – One chaperone to every five children (6-10 y/o) Middle School – One chaperone to every ten students (10-13 y/o) Use the following guidelines to help ensure an enjoyable visit to our stations 1. Always be aware of your children’s location. 2. Be sure to count your children before leaving for an activity, while the activity is underway, before returning from an activity, and upon arrival back from an activity. 3. Remind children of appropriate behavior and group rules. 4. Help children keep track of their personal belongings during the visit. 5. Be aware of the physical condition of your children. If a medical or health problem becomes apparent, notify the on duty personnel immediately 6. Immediately report any major problems to the on duty personnel
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