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City Council Public Comment Web Form

  1. This form is used to provide public comments to the City Council on meeting agenda items

    The City encourages residents to provide public comment regarding City Council business. During regular and special City Council meetings, the public is encouraged to offer public comment in person by signing up a half-hour before scheduled meetings in person at City Hall, 160 Duke of Gloucester, Annapolis.  Written public comments may also be submitted in writing via the online form or mailed to the City Clerk at City Hall using the above address. The public is welcome to attend by watching any of the Annapolis City Council meetings live on City of Annapolis TV, Facebook and YouTube.

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  4. Comments will be limited to about 450 words (2700 characters), and each period of comment will be limited to thirty (30) minutes. Any comments unable to be read due to time limits will be published online as soon as practicable.
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