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1. When are permits required in the City of Annapolis?
2. If I plan to do interior or exterior demolition, is a permit required and if so, what plans do I need to submit?
3. Is a permit required for piers, pilings, floating docks, dredging, or boat lifts?
4. Do tree removals require a permit?
5. Does landscaping require a permit?
6. What is a sheeting/shoring permit and when is one required?
7. Where can applications for the permits and licenses be obtained?
8. How long does it take to process a building, plumbing, mechanical or electrical permit?
9. How long does it take to process a grading permit?
10. How is the building permit fee assessed?
11. How will I know when my permit is ready for pick up?
12. When can work be started?
13. Generally, what types of inspections are required and when are they required?
14. Does a building permit have an expiration date?
15. Does my commercial establishment have to be handicap accessible?
16. When is a grease interceptor required?
17. Are there any special requirements for building near the water?
18. When are surety bonds or letters of credits required?
19. What is a Use and Occupancy Permit and when is it required?
20. Is there a fee to submit revised drawings?