How can I become a firefighter or paramedic?
If you're interested in becoming a firefighter or paramedic, contact the Fire Department Recruiters.

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1. Does the Fire Department sell or give away patches or t-shirts?
2. Does the Fire Department perform CPR and first aid training?
3. How can I become a firefighter or paramedic?
4. Does the Fire Department conduct child car safety seat checks?
5. Do you offer station tours or host children's birthday parties?
6. What do I do with any expired or surplus fireworks and flares for proper and safe disposal?
7. How do I obtain a copy of the fire codes currently being enforced?
8. Where can I view the Maryland Fire Prevention Code?
9. How can I get a copy of my fire report?
10. Why doesn’t the Fire Department respond in a less costly Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in place of a fire engine to EMS/medical calls or vehicle accidents?
11. Why does the Fire Department respond with a fire engine and an ambulance to a seemingly minor vehicle accident? It seems like an inefficient use of resources and waste of money?
12. Where can the Inspection form for the Day Care Center, Family dwelling, and Family or Group Day Care Home be found?