What must I include with the application?
  • A copy of a credit report with credit score for each applicant (not more than 6 months old). Credit reports can be obtained from one of the following: www.annualcreditreport.com; Equifax: 1-800-685-1111, Experian: 1-888-397-3742 or Trans Union Corp.: 1-800-916-8800
  • Evidence of your current gross household income for a one-month period (i.e. copies of most recent pay stubs, child support, alimony, and gross annual statement for SSI or SSA or retirement income)
  • A copy of the last 2 statements from all asset accounts (i.e. checking, savings, investment, etc.) 
  • A copy of last two Federal Tax returns, including W2s for each applicant
  • A copy of a photo ID for each applicant 
  • Proof of high school or college enrollment for adult members who are students
  • If claiming a disability, you must provide medical documentation indicating the disability is in accordance to the definition established by the Social Security Administration.

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1. What is an MPDU?
2. What do you mean by moderately priced housing - is this low income housing?
3. Is this a subsidized housing program?
4. Who qualifies?
5. How do I know if I live in the City of Annapolis
6. Is there a minimum income required to purchase or rent an MPDU?
7. Where can I get an application for the MPDU Program?
8. What must I include with the application?
9. Will you perform a credit check?
10. I do not have a job can I still apply?
11. If I am self-employed, what will you accept in the place of a pay stub?
12. I lost last year's tax return - do you really need it?
13. My last tax return shows more income than I now make. Will this affect my eligibility for the program?
14. I do not receive a paycheck stub. What can I submit instead?
15. When may I apply for a certificate?
16. After a person submits an application for a Certificate of Eligibility, about how long does it take to receive the certificate?
17. How long is a certificate valid? When a certificate expires, can it be renewed?
18. How long do you keep my file?
19. What types of units are available through the MPDU program?
20. Once a Certificate of Eligibility is issued, then what happens?
21. What if I do not want to buy or rent the unit that is offered to me by a builder?
22. If I purchase or rent an MPDU, can I rent it to someone else?
23. Can I come into your office to get more information?