Okay, I made my complaint, what happens next?

You will receive a response within 72 hours of filing your complaint. A detective from the Internal Affairs Section will investigate your complaint. You will receive an update about your complaint within 30 days and each month after, if the investigation is still ongoing. Based on the results of that investigation suggest a finding to the Chief of Police. If the complaint is sustained the Chief will send the case to the officer's supervisor for a recommendation of discipline.

The Chief will review the entire case before making a final decision. The finding in the case will be one of the following four categories: - Sustained - Enough evidence exists to prove the complaint. - Not Sustained - The evidence neither proves nor disproves the complaint. - Unfounded - The incident either did not happen or the accused member was not involved. - Exonerated - The incident occurred but the accused member acted properly. You will be advised of the outcome of the investigation within 72 hours after disposition, including the discipline imposed.

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3. Okay, I made my complaint, what happens next?
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