Are small campfires, burn pits and bonfires allowed with Annapolis?
The only outdoor fires permitted in the City of Annapolis are for personal recreational purposes or cooking. Burning of trash, leaves or debris is not permitted. Small campfires and burn pits are allowed under the following guidelines:
- The area must be under constant supervision until the fire is extinguished and the location of the fire must not be within 15 feet of any structure including buildings, fences or decks.
- The fire must be contained in a U.L. Listed appliance such as a chiminea or burn pit.
- The device must have a chimney or metal screen to contain embers.
- A method of extinguishing the fire must be readily available.

Bonfires for personal recreation require a permit from the Fire Marshal’s Office. This permit shall require a diagram of the bonfire area in addition to guidelines you must follow. Additional questions pertaining to this should be directed to the Annapolis Fire Marshal’s Office.

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