Why would an employer offer a Commuter Benefits program?
Employers interested in tax savings, improved employee morale and recruitment, and reduced turnover are likely to offer Commuter Benefits. They have found that this program enhances their benefits package without increasing overall compensation costs. Commuter Benefits is extremely popular with employees, and is an effective way for firms to show their concern for the environment. Employers that provide Commuter Benefits have noted reduced employee stress, increased job satisfaction, improved on-time arrival and enhanced productivity. And, Commuter Benefits helps to keep an employer’s benefit package competitive.

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1. How will I save?
2. How can I take advantage of the bicycling tax benefit?
3. How do I get my employer to sign up?
4. How does the program work?
5. How much do employers and employees save?
6. Why would an employer offer a Commuter Benefits program?
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8. Do employers need to keep detailed records?