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Mon 13
  • Special Finance Committee 10:00 AM?-?11:30 AM
  • Maryland Safe Boating Course May 13, 2019?-?May 15, 2019
  • Citizen Fingerprinting 6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
Tue 14
  • Rules and City Government Committee 4:00 PM?-?6:00 PM
  • Explorer Post 199 Meeting 6:00 PM?-?8:00 PM
  • Maryland Safe Boating Course May 13, 2019?-?May 15, 2019
Wed 15
  • Site visit - National Women's Party 9:00 AM?-?10:00 AM
  • Finance Committee 10:30 AM?-?12:30 PM
  • Environmental Matters Committee 3:00 PM?-?4:30 PM
Thu 16
  • Work Session of the City Council 3:00 PM?-?5:00 PM
  • Score Workshop: Creating Your Business Plan (Part 2) 6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
  • Board of Supervisors of Elections 7:00 PM?-?8:30 PM
Sat 18
  • Kids to Parks Day 9:00 AM?-?1:00 PM
  • Score Workshop: The "Must Know" in Social and Digital Marketing 9:30 AM?-?11:30 AM
  • Naptown Meet 3:00 PM?-?6:00 PM
Sun 19
  • AIPPC Summer Concert Series - Jazz Mosaic 6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
Mon 20
  • Audit Committee 8:00 AM?-?10:00 AM
  • Civil Service Board 8:00 AM
  • Citizen Fingerprinting 6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
Tue 21
  • Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (ASAP) 12:00 PM?-?1:30 PM
  • Explorer Post 199 Meeting 6:00 PM?-?8:00 PM
  • Maritime Advisory Board 7:00 PM?-?8:00 PM
Thu 23
  • Historic Preservation Commission Training Session 5:00 PM?-?9:00 PM
Sat 25
  • Naptown Anti-Dope Move[meant] Part 6 10:00 AM?-?3:00 PM
  • Chow for a Cause - A Charity Food Truck Festival 11:00 AM?-?6:00 PM
  • USNA Band Concert Summer Series 7:00 PM?-?9:00 PM

City Update

with Mayor Gavin Buckley

On Sunday, I was pleased to wish not only my wife but all the moms in Annapolis a Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Police Unity Tour: I was also pleased to welcome the Police Unity Tour to our City and ride out of town with them. They raise funds for the Fallen Officer Memorial in Washington, DC. Each year they ride 400 miles to DC to remember those who gave their lives while protecting the public. Each year they stop in Annapolis for an overnight because they love our City. It was an honor to be the first Mayor in Annapolis history to ride with them. 

  • City Dock: Last week we hosted the City Dock Action Committee Public Meeting at Pip Moyer Recreation Center. There were 200 people in the room, actively participating in a conversation about the future of City Dock, our historic downtown and the direction of our City. I’ll remind everyone that this is an implementation strategy – they’re working on ways to implement the ULI study ideas. I am very excited about how this is moving along.  Thank you again to Eileen Fogarty, chair of the City Dock Working Group.

  • Flooding on Dock Street: We have made huge strides in alleviating flooding along Dock Street at City Dock. The Annapolis City Department of Public Works opened up the storm drains and installed an innovative pump and backflow preventer solution to the ongoing coastal flooding.It seems to be working. We have had a few extraordinary high tides in the past week, the kinds that would’ve left the businesses along Dock Street with floodwaters lapping at their doors and into their businesses and it's dry as a bone.

  • City Special Election: On Sunday, May 5, I read the Proclamation opening the election for the Ward Six Council seat. The special primray election will take place on June 4. On July 2, we’ll have a general special election. Please note that the board of supervisors of Elections has designated ONE polling place: Eastport Community Center. 

  • 2020 Comprehensive Plan: Acting Planning and Zoning director Sally Nash hosted the kickoff event to develop the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. This process creates a broad statement about community, where stakeholders try to look 20 years ahead to see what kinds of goals and strategies can be implemented to ensure healthy communities, healthy economies and healthy environments.There is a big component of public input and data collection associated with this effort. Learn more about the 2020 Comprehensive Plan process here. 

  • Bike to Work Day: On Friday, May 17, in front of Market House, I want to remind everyone of National Bike to Work Day. 8 a.m., we’ll have a rally there to promote all of the good things cycling can do for you personally and for the community and the environment. To remind you of some of the reasons why cycling is good:
    • It creates no carbon emissions,
    • It reduces traffic and parking demand,
    • It is good cardiovascular exercise,
    • It has a low impact on road infrastructure,
    • It is something people of all ages can do,
    • It reduces car and insurance payments, and
    • It strengthens our economy by making the City a more attractive place to live, work and visit.
  • Speaker Series: Get your tickets for an upcoming free event, the first in a series that will take place in partnership with Historic Annapolis, the City and Maryland Hall. It is the "Reimagining City Dock" series. The first one is May 20 with former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley. He was the mayor of Charleston for 40 years. He took the city from a decaying urban center in the 1970s and 80s and built it into a top cultural destination by the time he left office in 2016. 

One Annapolis

Staff contact: William Rowel

  • One Annapolis: In April, we had a very successful "Safe Spring Break" event, where we offered students an opportunity to have a safe place to spend their time off from school. We hosted 400 at Pip Moyer; 120 of whom were children, with a basketball clinic, soccer, music, food and fun.

  • NAM 5: We hosted Naptown Anti-Dope Movement or NAM 5 event at Pip Moyer with substance abuse resources, Narcan training, recovery testimonials and Peer Support. Our next one is at Morris Blum on May 25.

  • Pride Month: We kicked off Annapolis Pride the first week of May. Pride will include the first Pride Parade, on June 29, in the City’s history. We are striving to ensure that our City is welcoming to people from all walks of life and I hope residents are confident they have people to turn to who understand their issues and unique concerns.

  • Coming May 25: Naptown Anti-Dope VI: Naptown Anti-Dope Movemeant event at Morris Blum with Mayor Gavin Buckley. Come hear stories of recovery, break the stigma of addiction, gain access to resources, and bring awareness to fatal overdoses in the City of Annapolis. May 25, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 701 Glenwood Street, Annapolis.

Constituent Corner

Staff contact: Hilary Raftovich

Report it! Do you ever see a pothole or a sidewalk in need of repair and wonder how to get it fixed? IWorq is the online complaint form that the city uses to find problems and schedule repairs. If you register in addition to just reporting, you will even be able to check back on the problem to see if it has been resolved.

You are the eyes and ears of our city and reporting concerns will help city staff make our community
better! A few of the many problems you can report are:
  • Missed trash pick up
  • Traffic signs & signals
  • Loose manhole covers
  • Bricks missing
  • Sediment; Erosion
  • City Busses
Just go to: Talk to My City you can continue as a guest but I recommend that you set up an account so you can check back on your request Log in or continue as a guest and then and start entering your concerns!
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