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Annapolis - Mayor Gavin Buckley (Feb 2020)
Our apologies! The formatting of the newsletter may have appeared in your inbox last night/this morning with serious formatting issues. We are trying a simpler display. Hopefully, this resolves the problems we had with the previous edition! Scroll down for updated calendar (including tomorrow's firefighter graduation - by invitation only -  and the Sweetheart Dance at Pip Moyer Recreation Center).


Mayor's Update

Mayor Buckley is out of town because his mother passed away earlier this week. Ward 3 Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles was designated acting mayor in his absence. 

The Mayor's mother, Pauline Brosnan, was 77 years old. Her service will be next week in Australia. Mayor Buckley will return next Thursday (Feb. 13). Please note that a Registry Book is available at City Hall, 160 Duke of Gloucester to offer condolences to the Mayor, his wife Julie and their two boys, Dash and Miles.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Last Thursday, we held our Community Engagement Session at City Hall. Residents came out to learn about City programs, City priorities and One Annapolis initiatives. If you were unable to attend, check out the video of the event on the City's Facebook page

CENSUS 2020: The Department of Planning and Zoning applied for and received a $19,000 grant from the State of Maryland for Census outreach.

This is important for all of us that we get an accurate count. It means representation for City residents and resources for City and State government operations. 

Speaking of Census 2020, the Census is hiring and the jobs are good-paying and will last most of the year. Learn more about Census Jobs. These jobs are not just enumerators or Census takers -- they need office managers and data folks. It is a huge hiring effort. They are looking for bilingual workers too, so don’t let language be a barrier. 

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: Congratulations to our City Employee of the Month! Katelyn Tisch is the coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management's Food Friday Initiative. Although Food Friday began just this past April, every week, Katelyn coordinates with the Anne Arundel County Food Bank, our Police Department's Community Services Unit, and volunteers from City Departments and the community to provide food to Annapolis residents who may need extra support to feed themselves or their families. 
this initiative has become a passion project for Katelyn, which has contributed to its success. In less than a yar, Food Friday has supplied food and fresh produce to almost 2,000 referrals. 

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The Mayor's office has undertaken a 29-day Black History Month project to highlight local contributions to Annapolis history. Each day, we will spotlight a decade, leading us from the 1740s to the present. The project can be found on the City website

The idea is to give a timeline of Black History that is specific to the City of Annapolis. 

This project couldn’t have come together without help and we have people to thank! To start, we looked to resource material like Jane Wilson McWilliams’ book "Annapolis City on the Severn," available at local booksellers and onlineHannah Joplin’s "Life in a Black Community;" and The Capital newspaper, available online (with subscription). We thank all of the people involved in collecting and recording that history. 

Next, we looked to local historians for help including Chris Haley at the Maryland State Archives; Janice Hayes Williams, a local historian and author; Vincent Leggett, founderBlacks of the Chesapeake; and Elinor Thompson, author of "In the 8th Ward" and a member of the Governor’s Commission on African American History and Culture. 

In the mayor’s office, William Rowel, Public Engagement and Community Relations Specialist and Senior Advisor lent expertise and assistance. 

We know that we weren’t able to capture all of the significant contributors to the African American experience in Annapolis. Hopefully, we can add the names we were not able to include and continue with a project expansion in 2021. Look for new uploads each day on social media and every seven days on this web page! 


(view complete calendar and specifics)

Thursday, Feb. 6
  • Planning Commission Meeting
    7 PM?-?9 PM
Saturday, Feb.  7
  • Fire Department Graduation Ceremony
    2 PM?-?5 PM
  • *NEW* Sweetheart Dance
    6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
Saturday, Feb.  8
  • Birdland Caravan (Orioles Players at City Dock)
    1 PM?-?2 PM
Monday, Feb.  10
  • Citizen Fingerprinting
    6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
  • Regular Meeting of the City Council
    7 PM?-?11 PM
Tuesday, Feb.  11
  • Rules and City Government Committee
    4 PM?-?6 PM
  • Historic Preservation Commission Public Hearing
    7 PM?-?10 PM
Wednesday, Feb.  12
  • Housing & Community Development Committee Meeting
    6:30 PM?-?8:30 PM
  • Recreation Advisory Board Meeting
    7 PM?-?9 PM
  • Transportation Board
    7 PM?-?9 PM
Thursday, Feb.  13
  • Financial Advisory Commission
    7:30 AM?-?9:30 AM
  • Coffee with a Cop
    3:30 PM?-?5:30 PM
  • Economic Matters Committee
    4 PM?-?5:30 PM
  • Transportation Committee
    6 PM?-?7:30 PM
Friday, Feb.  14
  • Happy Valentine's Day! Free metered parking in downtown with ParkMobile app and code "ParkDTA"
Monday, Feb.  17
  • Presidents Day - City Offices Closed (Refuse Pickup Schedule Remains the Same) 
  • Kids Day In
    8 AM?-?5:30 PM
Tuesday, Feb.  18
  • Special Meeting of the Housing and Human Welfare Committee
    3 PM?-?4:30 PM
  • Eastport Working Together
    6:30 PM?-?8 PM
  • Maritime Advisory Board Meeting
    7 PM?-?9 PM
Wednesday, Feb.  19
  • Finance Committee
    10:30 AM?-?12 PM
  • Environmental Matters Committee
    3 PM?-?5 PM
  • Board of Appeals
    7 PM?-?11 PM
Thursday, Feb.  20 
  • Work Session of the City Council
    3 PM?-?5 PM
  • Board of Supervisors of Elections
    7 PM?-?9 PM 
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