A Certificate of Adequate Public Facilities is required to be issued before any approval of a Major Site Design Plan application under Section 21.22.060 of the Zoning Code, and any approval of a Planned Developments under Chapter 21.24 of the Zoning Code, for all proposed projects.

A "Proposed Project" means all new development or redevelopment of any non-residential building or any mixed-use development of non-residential and residential uses, proposed by an applicant, where the proposed development is greater than 10,000 square feet in area or a residential subdivision of more than 11 lots regardless of the square footage of the development.

Adequate public facilities which are evaluated are those provided, managed or within the City of Annapolis and include:

  • Fire, rescue, emergency medical and fire inspection services
  • Police protection services
  • Public maintenance services
  • Water and sewer services
  • Recreational facilities
  • Auto facilities (Traffic Impact Analysis)
  • Non-auto transportation facilities
  • Storm water management facilities
  • Schools