Police Services


The Police Chief shall be responsible for review and assessment of a proposed project's with regard to the adequacy of police protection.


The police department will look at the population in the immediate area and citywide to determine if current staffing is adequate to provide adequate police protection to this project. We currently use a base population number of 38,000, a number somewhat higher than the current population of 36,600, which was based on the 2000 Census. Using that number we would need 119; we are currently authorized 131.

We would next look at response times to calls for service for the previous 12-month period to arrive at an average response time for the area where the development will take place as well as the surrounding area. We take the aggregate of that number and divide it by 12 to get an average response time, currently 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

We then look at the number of full-time residents to be added as a result of the development, or any activity that would be a special drain on police services and whether it was intermittent or a recurring and could result in an increased drain on police resources.


Once the data is collected and analyzed a report either favorable (if it was determined that staffing was adequate to handle the new development), or unfavorable with recommendations, (if it was determined that staffing was inadequate to handle the new development). This report will then be forwarded to the staffer requesting the report and made an official part of the approval process.