Exercising Your Victim Rights in Maryland

Review a list of your victim rights in Maryland and how to take action.

Exercising your victim rights in Maryland
Justice System Events Your Rights Take Action
1) Contact Law Enforcement Officials to Report the Incident.
Crime Victims and Witnesses: Your Rights and Services [brochure] is given to you by the responding law enforcement official, as well as information on protection available. File for a Protective or Peace Order, seek Crisis Intervention Services, apply for Criminal Injuries Compensation, and subscribe to VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).
2) Crime Report is Investigated
by Law Enforcement.

In the event of an arrest you are informed.
3) Your case is forwarded to the State's Attorney's Office for prosecution N/A N/A
4) Prosecution of Case By State's Attorney's Office Begins. - Crime Victim Notification Request and Demand for Rights Form is given to you by State's Attorney's Office within 10 days of criminal indictment/bill of information.

- You are given prior notice of any court proceedings. (Notice is sent to you by the State's Attorney's Office.)

- Your Rights as a Victim in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Process [brochure] is distributed to you by State's Attorney's Office within 10 days of criminal indictment/bill of information.
- Send your completed Crime Victim Notification Request Form to the State's Attorney's Office. You must submit this form in order to exercise your notification rights.

- Exercise your right to attend hearings.
5) Case Proceeds to Trial/Plea.

State's Attorney's Office notifies you of court proceedings.
6) Sentencing Hearing
Prior to sentencing the Court considers the victim impact statement.
- You are notified of your right to submit a Victim Impact Statement and seek Restitution.

- You are informed of judicial action taken as a result of court proceedings. (Informed by State's Attorney's Office.)
- Exercise your right to submit a written Impact Statement to the court, be present and/or heard prior to sentencing of the offender.

- Exercise your right to apply for restitution.
7) Post Sentencing Proceedings
If appealed, Attorney General's Office notifies victim of Appellate proceedings
- You are informed by State's Attorney's Office of post-sentence court proceedings such as modifications, probation hearings, review of sentence or that an appeal has been filed.

- You will be notified by the Attorney General's Office of Court of Special Appeals or Court of Appeals proceedings
Exercise your right to be present and/or heard.
8) Parole Activity.
Parole hearings, eligibility or release.
You are informed by Parole Commission of parole eligibility status, parole hearings, your right to request an open hearing, and commission decisions. Exercise your right to be present and/or heard.
9) Violation of Parole/Probation.
Warrant/subpoena issued for arrest of parolee or probationer.
- You are informed if a warrant/subpoena has been issued for alleged violation of parole or probation.

- You are informed of outcome upon completion of violation hearings.

- You are informed by Division of Parole and Probation or Department of Juvenile Services.
10) Inmate Status at Correctional Facility. - You are informed if the inmate escapes, is transferred to another correctional facility, is released or dies while incarcerated.

- You are informed by Correctional Facility.