Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) was established to provide financial assistance to Maryland crime victims when no other resources are available. Victims of crime are eligible to be reimbursed for their medical and/or funeral expenses resulting from a crime under the following conditions:

Who May Apply?

  • Crime victims, or their parents or guardians on their behalf, or
  • Dependents of victims who died as a result of a crime, or
  • Persons who paid the funeral expenses of a victim who died as a direct result of a crime, or
  • Persons injured while preventing a crime or assisting a police officer.
  • Persons injured or killed as a result of an individual driving while intoxicated


  • A crime report to police within 48 hours of the crime.
  • A completed claim form sent to the CIBI within 180 days of the crime.
  • Physical injury or death directly related to the crime.
  • Innocence of the victim: that is, the victim bears no responsibility for the crime or the injury.
  • Serious financial hardship resulting from the crime.

Further Information & Assistance in Filing

Visit: Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Website

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Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
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Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Phone: 410-585-3010 or 1-888-679-9347