Eastport Transportation Study

Purpose and Goals: Existing Conditions

The City of Annapolis conducted a multimodal transportation study for the Eastport neighborhood. This study evaluated existing conditions including roadway geometry, crash experience, land use, right-of-way, traffic volumes and traffic operations, public parking supply and demand, pedestrian and bicycle networks, and transit services.  We engaged local citizens during two public workshops and interviewed businesses owners and key stakeholders such as the Eastport Civic Association and Eastport Business Association.

The objective of this study is to document and quantitatively assess baseline traffic and safety conditions, as well as the impact of future land use changes in order to develop a plan for improved traffic management, and multi-modal circulation and safety throughout the Eastport neighborhood.


This report provides short-term and long-term transportation improvement recommendations in response to resident input and based on existing conditions evaluation of transportation in Eastport. Recommendations in this report relate to traffic, parking, loading, bus service, biking, and walking. However, it should be noted that all transportation modes are inter-related; improving one will often have ancillary benefits to others.

Based on a thorough evaluation of existing conditions across all travel modes, the following conclusions and recommendations are presented:

  • Long-term, traffic will have to be managed through investments in other modes of transportation
  • Eastport has one-way street segments. Long-term alternatives should be explored that provide a consistent pattern for one-way streets that optimize vehicle movement while maintaining the existing curbside parking supply.
  • Curbside parking is high demand, particularly on Saturdays and during events. Long-term solutions involve managing parking through meters and through residential permit parking permits.
  • Consolidation of loading zones and permitted times is recommend.
  • Events should be managed through public-private cooperation of existing parking facilities, to include publicizing available private pay lots. Event signal timing programs for signals should be instituted along select streets in and around Eastport.
  • Improved cycling facilities are recommended along Bay Ridge Avenue, Chesapeake Avenue, and 6th Street. Cycling improvement for Chesapeake Avenue and 6th Street would be at the expense of parking lanes and travel lanes, respectively.
  • Select pedestrian improvements are recommended to address deficiencies in crosswalks and sidewalks. Traffic calming is recommended on Chesapeake Avenue and on 6th Street.
  • Improvements to bus service include providing routing and span-of-service information at all stops, as well as recommendations to improve bus boarding and accessibility.

The study is in two parts--an existing conditions report and a short-term and Long-term recommendation report.

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