Comprehensive Planning

The Division of Comprehensive Planning is responsible for the coordination of long-range planning activities including development and implementation of the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan, performing special land use and fiscal analyses, preparing streetscape design plans, grantsmanship, parks and recreation planning and implementation, performing traffic and transit related studies following the Policies and Guidelines (PDF), and other tasks as requested by the Mayor and City Council. Staff activity includes analysis and updating of City plans to guide development and provide a basis for comprehensive and coordinated review of projects and applications.

The 2019 Comprehensive Plan will be getting underway in the next few months.  This plan will focus on healthy initiatives such as active transportation and community gardens.  Staff worked with the University of Maryland to analyze how Comprehensive Plan policies can promote a healthy community.  The report, "Healthy Annapolis" was produced by a studio class that participated in the Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) program.  

Area Plans and Studies Currently Underway

Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study

The Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study is considering the corridor including Aris T. Allen, Forest Drive (from Old Solomon's Island Road), Bay Ridge Road and the Eastport peninsula.

Upper West Street Sector Study

The study that makes recommendations for West STreet from Westgate Circle to the City limits will be introduced at City Council.


The pedestrian phase of the Wayfinding Program is moving forward. New pedestrian signs and kiosks are located downtown and in the Eastport area.

Eastport Transportation Study

We have conducted a study of existing traffic conditions in Eastport and have released proposed short-term and long-term improvement recommendations.

Working Waterfronts

The goals of this new working waterfronts program are to provide assistance with networking and marketing for the maritime industry as a whole.  The Maritime Summit was held Nov. 15, 2916 and the marketing tools are now available.

Completed Area Plans & Studies - Last 10 Years