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The Police Explorers End 2014 With 13 Explorers

The Annapolis Police Explorer program started 2014 with 5 members. It now has officially ended 2014 with 13 members. What has caused this turnaround? It starts with the young adults in the program. These, now Explorers, have taken a hold of their futures and are making steps to meet their career goals. Becoming a Police Officer is hard, not everyone has what it takes to see what they see and do what they do. By entering this program, the 13 Explorers in Annapolis can find out at an early age if this is what they want out of a career. If it is, they have a head start on the hundreds and thousands of applicants that are trying to walk through the doors of a Police Department. The Annapolis Police Explorers are quickly becoming suppliers of good quality applicants to Police Departments around the State. Although only in existence for 5 years, the Annapolis Police Explorers have had 2 Explorers hired for the State of Maryland, 2 for Maryland Transportation Authority, 1 in Anne Arundel County and 5 others have successfully joined the ranks of the U.S. military. Pretty good numbers for a program of 5 years and an average of 5 members a year. What do you think they can do with 13 members or more? If you are interested in becoming an Annapolis Police Explorer contact Officer Ryan Thiel.

Explorers Take National Explorer Conference by Storm

Between the dates of July 14-19, 2014 the Annapolis Police Explorers were on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana for the National Law Enforcement Explorers Conference. This week, set aside every 2 years, is a chance for 14-20 year old young adults to show what they have learned. They compete against 3,500 other explorers from around the country in individual and team competitions. This year the Annapolis Police Explorers sent 5 explorers to Indiana to see what they could do. How did they fare? They placed in the top 10 in two of he three team competitions (bomb threat and traffic reconstruction). The Explorers always tell their lead advisor that there are certainly bigger posts in the country. But pound for pound this is the best Explorer post in the country. After seeing what they can do on a national stage, OFC R. Thiel has to agree.

The Annapolis Police Explorers Post 199, Inc. Is a 501 (c)(3)

Annapolis Police Explorers Post 199, Inc. has officially become a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. The IRS agreed that the work done by the Police Explorers is better suited as a charitable organization. As such, the Annapolis Police Explorers are now tax-exempt. Also the donations given to Annapolis Police Explorers Post 199, Inc. can now be deducted on the donators taxes. The IRS guidelines for non-profit organizations is clear. Certain aspects of our corporation have to be accessible to the public. These records are on file with the State of Maryland and the Federal Government. If anyone wishes to see a copy of these documents they can be found at the Annapolis Police Department.

The Annapolis Police Explorers Have New Leadership

OFC. Ryan Thiel has taken over the Annapolis Police Explorers. Thiel has been an Officer with Annapolis for nearly 9 years and has over 17 years experience in Law Enforcement. Prior to coming to Annapolis, Thiel served in the U.S. Army for over 8 years and was twice deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. Thiel's knowledge and experience will be well spent shaping the lives of our future Law Enforcement Officers.

Department Had Seven Explorers in the Program in 2012

The Explorers participated in the 2012 National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference at Colorado State University. The explorers participated in a Blood Drive through Red Cross and partnered with Montgomery County Explorers. The Explorers also participated in the Special Olympics Torch Run and assisted with the APD Forensics Camp. They had a total of 509 community service hours in 2012.

City Police Seek Applicants for Explorers Program

The Capital - Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 11 a.m.

ANNAPOLIS - City police are accepting applicants for their Explorers Post 199, a program for young people interested in a career in law enforcement. Police will be accepting applications throughout September. The program is for men and women between ages 14 and 20 who have completed at least the eighth grade.

Participants experience many of phases of police work but are not placed in dangerous situations.

Explorers may perform ride-alongs with officers and assist in traffic control, according to the program's website.

As part of the program, Explorers compete in scenario-based competitions, both locally and nationally.

Annapolis Police Department had seven Explorers in the program in 2011

The Explorers participated in the Youth Leadership Academy and assisted Habitat for Humanity and the Lutheran Mission Society. They assisted with the Youth Fishing Camp and Forensic Camp. The Explorers spoke at the Maryland House of Delegates, assisted Annapolis Fire Department with EMS week, performed traffic control for the APD One Mile Challenge and the Memorial Day Parade. The Explorers had a total of 613 community service hours for 2011.

City police promote law exploration

Program to give kids a look at police work By LISA BEISEL, Staff Writer

Published 12/07/09

The Annapolis Police Department is looking for a few good kids to participate in a program that will give them a behind-the-scenes view of police work.

Called Law Enforcement Explorers, the program is designed to give youth ages 14 to 20 the opportunity to try the job of police officer on for size.

The program will offer hands-on experience with crime scene investigations and put participants in the officer's shoes in handling pretend police calls - "pretty much everything that has to do with police work," said Officer Jennifer Card, one of the program's advisers.