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The City's Commercial Recycling Program is available to any business within the City limits that can handle one day a week collection, pricing structure is listed below.  The City will provide the business 32 gallon containers (no lids/wheels), however the business could purchase a commercial grade wheeled cart up to 96 gallons for recycling. 

Commercial Collection requirements:

  • Recycling must be placed at the the curb for collection by 6:00 am but not before 11:00pm the night prior to collection. 
  • Containers will need to be removed immediately following collection.
  • All material must be placed loose in the recycling container.
  • Cardboard that doesn't fit in the recycling container can tied into bundles not to exceed 35 pounds in weight and not to exceed one foot in thickness.
  • Avoid contamination. 

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What is Recycling in the bin

The key to proper recycling is remembering the four collectible materials - paper, plastic, metal, glass. If you stick to only throwing these in your recycling bin, you'll be good to go!

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Commercial Recycling

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