Functions of the Auxiliary Unit

Parking Violations

While on patrol Auxiliary Officers issue citations for illegally parked vehicles, expired meters and other parking offenses. During 2010 Auxiliary Officers issued hundreds of citations worth over $20,000.


During 2010 Auxiliary Officers fingerprinted over 200 customers. This service is a source of revenue for the City of Annapolis at no cost to the department.

Traffic Control

During special events Auxiliary Officers control traffic at intersections throughout the city. Auxiliary Officers undergo training to handle various situations and assure that traffic moves with ease.


During days, nights and weekends Auxiliary Officers supplement patrol officers providing and extra set of eyes and ears throughout the city. Auxiliary Officers radio in any suspicious behavior and assist with routine complaints (parking, wires down, etc) throughout the city. The assistance provided allows career police officers to focus on the more serious crimes and provide quicker response to crimes in progress.


In 2011 the Auxiliary Unit began using radar equipment in school zones to issue warning citations to motorists exceeding the speed limit throughout the city. These citations warn motorists of the dangers of speeding and serve as a reminder to slow down in school zones when children are present.