Bulk Collection

Did you know that the City of Annapolis will collect up to three bulk items at the curb on each refuse Collection Day for City residential refuse customers?**

Bulk items include items that do not fit in a refuse container. For these items, place them next to the container on your Collection Day and let us do the rest. Please note the difference between bulk and metal bulk pickup below.


F2-Bulkor bulk pickup - or the pickup that does not require scheduling - includes non-metal household items, such as:

  • Sofas, couches
  • Tables, chairs
  • Beds, mattresses, box springs
  • Dressers, bookcases, shelving, cabinets
  • Table and floor lamps
  • Carpets, rugs, mats
  • Televisions
  • Sinks, toilets
  • Doors, windows

We do not accept construction materials like lumber, drywall, concrete, tile, or materials too large for our trucks, like pianos.


For bulk metal items, schedule a metal bulk pick up or call 410-263-7949. City staff will notify you of your Collection day via phone or email.  We’ll schedule the collection for a Wednesday, but just remember to set your items out by 6:00 am the scheduled day of the collection but not before 6:00 pm of the day before. 

3-BulkMetalMetal bulk items include items such as:

  • Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators** 
  • Grills, patio furniture, tables
  • Lawn mowers
  • Bicycles
  • Hot water heaters
  • Play and exercise equipment
  • Shelving
  • File cabinets

***The law requires that doors be removed from any refrigerator or freezer to protect children. 4-BulkMetal-button Opens in new window

Header-Electronics Recycling

5-eCycle (1)Electronics, like computers and small appliances are not considered bulk. The City provides a drop off location to recycle these items. Use the link below to learn more about e-cycling.5-eCycle-button (1)

Refuse, Recycling and Yard Trim

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