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City of Annapolis Television (COA-TV), is a federally funded station that broadcasts 24 hours a day. Learn how to submit programs, and watch City TV.

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City of Annapolis Television (COA-TV) is a federally funded station. It is a public, educational and government (PEG) franchise broadcasting 24 hours a day, and disseminates public access, educational and government programming on Channel 99/100 for all Comcast subscribers and on channel 34 for all Verizon subscribers. The on-air schedule hosts a variety of interesting shows. All City Council meetings are aired live and repeated for residents that cannot attend regularly scheduled meetings.

COA-TV also offers a variety of programs of local interest and content produced by the studio here in Annapolis including recent and upcoming events like festivals and parades, press conferences, public service announcements and much more.

COA-TV will also air programs that are sent to us from other sources.

How to Submit a Program to COA-TV

COA-TV operates a non-commercial channel which provides the opportunity for City residents and organizations to submit programs. Programs must be submitted by residents of Annapolis and should be about a program, project or something supporting Annapolis. COA-TV will not air nor permit programs which have commercial content. Commercial content includes, but is not limited to, product placement, advertisement and service descriptions provided in exchange for value of any kind or nature. Commercial content also includes promotion of any individual business, partnership or corporation by direct or indirect reference or testimonial for the purpose of commercial exploitation.

Submission Process

Programs should be submitted on a DVD or via download link. Submitted programs will be screened for content and technical standards. Once a program has been screened and approved, COA-TV will schedule the program based on availability of programming slots.

A submitted program should identify:

  • Address and contact number of person submitting
  • The name of the producer and/or copyright holder
  • The program title, length and date produced