Economic Matters Committee


  • Alderman Frederick M. Paone, Chair
  • Alderman, Joe Budge
  • Alderwoman, Sheila M. Finlayson


The Economic Matters Committee shall consider matters affecting the economy of the City including:
  • Making recommendations to the City Council on issues relating to the operation of the Market house and the regulation of the City Dock
  • Studying, independently and with private historic preservation organizations, issues concerning historic structures in the City
  • Studying, considering and making recommendations regarding issues of cable television service to the City of Annapolis and its citizens
  • Reviewing all proposed amendments to Title 7 (Business Licenses, Taxes and Regulations) and Title 17 (Buildings and Construction) of the City Code


Meets the third Monday of each month 6:30pm at Mayor John T Chamber, Jr. Council Chambers