Standing Committees

The Mayor shall recommend to the City Council all appointments to alderman standing committees but all appointments shall be confirmed by a majority of the City Council.

  1. Economic Matters Committee

    The Economic Matters Committee considers matters affecting the economy of the City.

  2. Environmental Matters Committee

    The Environmental Matters Committee shall consider matters affecting the natural environment of the City.

  3. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee shall handle all matters relating to the review of the budget and continuous surveillance of the budget.

  4. Housing & Human Welfare Committee

    The Housing and Human Welfare Committee shall consider issues of housing and matters affecting the general health, welfare and quality of life of the residents of the City.

  5. Public Safety Committee

    The Public Safety Committee shall consider matters affecting public safety in the City.

  6. Rules & City Government Committee

    Learn about the Rules and City Government Committee.

  7. Transportation Committee

    The Transportation Committee shall consider matters affecting parking, public transportation, and vehicular traffic.