Weather & Climate

Annapolis is located in central Maryland on the south bank of the Severn River, near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It is 27 miles south-southeast of Baltimore and 27 miles east of Washington, D.C. The lowest land in Annapolis is near sea level at the City Dock, and the level climbs to 92 feet between Bay Ridge Avenue and Forest Drive. Excluding the U.S. Naval Academy, the city has 17 miles of waterfront.

Annapolis has a temperate mid-latitude climate with warm, humid summers and mild winters. The weather during spring and autumn is generally pleasant. There are no pronounced wet and dry seasons, but summer often brings sudden heavy showers, damaging winds, and lightning. Breezes from the Chesapeake Bay and nearby creeks moderate the city's temperature. Regional rainfall averages slightly more than 39 inches annually, while snowfall averages below 15 inches per year.


  • 7.2 square miles


  • 92 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures

  • January, 35.5° F; July, 85.2° F

Average Annual Precipitation

  • 39.03 inches of rain; 14.4 inches of snow