Scooter Watch

Annapolis Police are leading the effort for the region to protect property with the "Scooter Watch" initiative. The number of recovered scooters, created a problem for our officers, when making attempts to verify ownership.

Scooter Decals

Scooter decals may be one of the keys to theft prevention. Owners, who volunteer to register their scooters, will be assigned a number, and have the decal placed on the bike. The decal signals to police that the bike owner agrees to a traffic stop, to verify ownership. This decal goes on the front and rear fender of the Scooter Watch.

Man on a blue scooter with a red scooter parked next to him.

Scooter Watch Program Agreement

By registering my scooter in the Annapolis Police Department "Scooter Program," I voluntarily agree to the following:

If the Police should observe a person operating a scooter with the "Scooter Watch" decal, they will reasonably suspect that the person operating the scooter is doing so without my permission. Under these conditions, I grant consent to the Police to make an Investigation Stop of the scooter to determine if an authorized driver is operating the scooter.

I also realize that persons operating my scooter during the stated hours with my permission are subject to being stopped by the Police for investigation. It is my responsibility to advise these individuals prior to giving them my scooter that Police may stop the scooter. In these instances, police action may include the necessary precautions taken to protect officers when approaching a potentially stolen scooter with occupants.

I understand that I must remove both decals, from the front and rear fender, if I want to withdraw from the program. I will also notify the Annapolis Police Department, in writing, of such withdrawal or of any changes in my address or telephone number while still in the program.

I further consent and agree to indemnify and hold harmless any local, county, state or federal duly sworn law enforcement officer or agency against any and all claims arising from my participation in this program.

Further Information

For more information on this program, and other theft prevention ideas, call 410-268-9000 and ask about the Scooter Watch Program. The contact person for this program is Anna Woytko in the Community Services Section. The program is funded through the Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council, and is supported by the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund, (MAIF).