City Central Committees


The two leading political parties elect party governing bodies, Central Committees, at the municipal primary every four years. The bodies are not directly affiliated with the City. The respective Central Committees recommend individuals for the Board of Supervisors of Elections, and fill vacancies among the Mayor and Aldermen.

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Democratic Central Committee

Ward 1 - Tom McCarthy (Chairman)

Ward 2 - Phebe McPherson (Vice-Chairman)

Ward 3 - Norvain T. Sharps

Ward 4 - vacant

Ward 5 - Rev. Johnny Calhoun

Ward 6 - Yiannes Kacoyianni (Treasurer)

Ward 7 - vacant

Ward 8 - Sari Kiraly

At Large - Carol Kelly (Secretary)

Republican Central Committee

Ward 1 -Steven Strawn (Chairman)

Ward 2 - Randall Landis

Ward 3 - Michael Dye (Treasurer)

Ward 4 - vacant

Ward 5 - Barbara Hopkins

Ward 6 - Vacant

Ward 7 - David Frankel (Vice Chair)

Ward 8 - Vacant

Large - Charles Dumais (Secretary)