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For decades visitors have traveled to Annapolis to walk through our colonial streets and admire our outstanding architecture. Throughout town you will also find an impressive array of outdoor sculpture, paintings, murals and stained glass in public spaces. In addition, art is found in Annapolis's historic house museums, churches and cemeteries, the State House, and the United States Naval Academy and St. John's College.

With the help of this catalogue, we invite you to explore the great variety of Art in Annapolis.

The Art in Public Places Commission thanks the following Sponsors for their support of “Art in the City of Annapolis, An art gallery without walls.”

  • Carol and David Stern
  • Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, Inc.
  • Art in Public Places Commission
  • Urban Walls Brazil
  • St. John’s College • The Mitchell Gallery
  • Annapolis Community Foundation
  • Elm Street Development
  • Metcor, Ltd.
  • Gormley Jarashow Bowman
  • Hyatt & Weber. P.A.
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