About Us

Take a look at the history of the Art in Public Places Commission.

The Art in Public Places Commission (AIPPC) was established by the Annapolis City Council in 2001 to address a growing need for a centralized body to oversee the selection, display and maintenance of visual art, and the production of performing arts in public spaces in the city of Annapolis. (City Code Section 6.24.) The AIPPC is a volunteer group consisting of nine members, one from each of the eight wards, and one appointed by the Mayor, who each serve three-year terms.

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Specifically, the AIPPC is mandated to:

  • Establish procedures for the selection, acquisition and display of art in public places in the city of Annapolis
  • Identify suitable art objects for City property
  • Prescribe a method for competitive selection of art objects for display
  • Assure appropriateness of design and materials, compatibility with selected sites, and preservation and integration of natural features
  • Assure representation of a broad variety of tastes and a balanced inventory of public art within the community

In addition, the AIPPC is tasked with oversight of aesthetics in the city dock area, as outlined in section 6 of the current City Dock Plan.

The City Council also established an Arts Fund for the acquisition, maintenance and repair of works of art, production of performing arts, and administration of the Commission. Grants and funds from Federal, State, county or other sources, as well as an annual appropriation of one-tenth of one percent of general fund revenues may be allocated to the Arts Fund by the City Council. The Fund is administered by the Director of the Department of Recreation and Parks.