Strategic Direction


Chapter 19.04 of the 1978 Annapolis City Code establishes the statutory authority of the Annapolis Environmental Commission (AEC).  The Commission is comprised of nine city residents appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by majority vote of the city council, and serve for a three-year term.  This group of concerned citizens is committed to retaining and restoring the environmental quality of the city.  AEC meets monthly to discuss issues and organize activities to fulfill its mission and meet its strategic priorities.


To promote the protection and improvement of the natural health and welfare of the environment of the City of Annapolis through public education, community service and participation in city environmental policy.


That its residents see the quality of life in the City of Annapolis as much connected to its environmental assets of clean water, air, trees and green space as to its economic and civic offerings.


To meet this mission and realize this vision the AEC seeks to:

  • Educate citizens through the development and distribution of printed and multi-media materials
  • Conduct and coordinate environmental restoration and enhancement projects
  • Facilitate communication across city government departments and with citizens and residence associations to integrate environmental considerations into decision-making
  • Provide input and review into major projects and legislation that may potentially affect the environmental quality of the city
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