Gang Culture Influence in Popular Media

How Kids Develop Their Social Values in 1950 & Late 1990s

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Ranking of Influence
Ranking of Influence
Ranking of Influence in the 1950s
Ranking of Influence in the 1990s
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Movies That Glamorize The Gang Culture

As parents we should be aware of what our children are watching in the movies and on television. Below are a list of the top movies that glamorize the gang culture. Some of these are very good movies with excellent actors. The problem is they do not represent gang culture as it truly is. They do not accurately portray the consequences or ramifications of being in a gang.

  • 1988 - Colors
  • 1992 - American Me
  • 1998 - Mi Vida Loca
  • 1991 - Boyz in the Hood
  • 1991 - New Jack City
  • 1993 - Blood in Blood Out
  • 1998 - American History X
  • 2000 - Romeo Must Die
  • 2001 - Baby Boy
  • 2003 - Cradle 2 Grave
  • 2007 - American Gangster
  • 2009 - Notorious (B.I.G.)

Famous People That Openly Display The Gang Culture

Our children live in a world of digital media. A song can be released via the Internet one second and in the next second it can be downloaded. A movie or video clip can be posted in seconds and then be viewed, emailed, or downloaded, via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Some of our children's most popular sports idols and favorite musicians are affiliated with national street gangs. Athletes have been known to openly display gang signs on national television. Top musicians' songs openly glamorize gang culture. Not all rap or pop culture music is offensive. As parents you should monitor what your children are listening and watching. The easiest way to monitor their music is to Google the lyrics of the song.

  • Lil Wayne (Music, Founder of Young Money Entertainment)
  • Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics)
  • Rick Ross (Teflon Don)
  • Derek Rose (Chicago Bulls)
  • Snoop Dog (Music)
  • Nicki Minaj (Music)
  • Drake (Music)
  • Tyga (Music)

Sample Lyrics From Popular Rap Songs

Lil Wayne
"shooting till my motherf**kin hand fall off the trackstars the gun shot ran y'all off I pop like a soda watch the can fall off I can kill y'all and y'all boss"

Jae Millz
"My homeboys got bad tempers, and there's no controlling them So if you say you holding them, you better be unloading them Cause I'll have your Reverend standing up at your podium Your momma falling over him like (no no no) Plus recently I been watching a lot of cats Cause this game got me prepared for all types of acts I know you cats wanna see me laid flat That's why when you reach for daps I'm like (no no no)"

Nicki Minaj
"A lot of rap ni**as be trynna play hard I was told only reach for the heat if you're [?] So when I lift da shirt dats da end of discussion Click Clak mutha f**kaz, I ain't trynna hear dat"