Street Listing - W-Y

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

The City of Annapolis includes both City and Private Streets with various types of service. The list of the streets are in alphabetical order. To access information regarding your street, go to the appropriate letter box. If you do not find your street listed here, you may be located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction. For more Information on Snow Removal see Snow Information.

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Street Listings W and V
Street Nane
Road Maintenance Responsibility
City Snow Removal
Wagner Street City Yes 1
Wainwright Drive
City Yes 2
Walton Court
Wardour Drive
City Yes 2
Wardour Pump Station access road (SHA: St #2, 7020)
Warren Drive
City Yes 7
Washington Court
Washington Street
City Yes 8
Water Street
City Yes 1
Wayman's Alley (walkway between PG St./Pinkney St.)
Wellington Place City Yes 5
Wells Avenue
City Yes 8
Wells Landing
Private   8
Wells Street
City Yes 3
West Street (even # side, Homeland to Taylor)
West Street (odd # side, Legion to Taylor)
West Street/Spa Rd. (Rosemary to Southgate)
City Yes  
West Street-RT 450 (Taylor to Church Circle) City
1: 4 to 314
West Street-RT 450 (Taylor to Church Circle)
City   2: Even #’s 800 to 1604
West Street-RT 450 (Taylor to Church Circle)
City   3: Even #s 1701 to 2016 and odd #s 1127 to 2015
West Street-RT 450 (Taylor to Church Circle) City   4: Odd #s 817 to 1103
West Washington Street City Yes 2
Westgate Circle
Westwick Court
City Yes 5
Westwood Road City Yes 2
Whiton Court
City Yes 4
Williams Drive City Yes 2
Windell Avenue
City Yes 2: Even #s 322 to 329
3: Odd #s 201 to 327
Windsor Avenue City Yes 8
Windwhisper Lane (Georgetown Grove Section) City Yes 7
Windwhisper Lane (Mariners Point Section) City Yes 7
Winslow Court
Private   5
Woodlawn Avenue City Yes 2
Woods Drive
City Yes 6
Woods Road
Woodward Court
Private   5
Worden Court City Yes 2
Wye Island Court Private   4
Yachtsman Way City Yes 7
Yawl Road
City Yes 2: Even #’s 1802 to 1812
Yevola Peters Way (#s 1 through 21)
Young Farm Court
Private   5
Young Farm Road
Private   5