Street Listing - I-L

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

The City of Annapolis includes both City and Private Streets with various types of service. The list of the streets are in alphabetical order. To access information regarding your street, go to the appropriate letter box. If you do not find your street listed here, you may be located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction. For more Information on Snow Removal see Snow Information.

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Street Name
Road Maintenance Responsibility City Snow Removal
Ironstone Court
Private   5
Isaacs Street
City Yes 3
Island Creek Court
Private   4
Jackson Street
City Yes 7: Odd #s
8: Even #s
Janice Drive
City Yes 7
Janwall Court
Private   6
Janwall Street
City Yes 6: All others
7: Odd #s 107 to 135
Jefferson Place City Yes 1
Jefferson Street
City Yes 8
Jeremy's Way
City Yes 8
Johnson Place City Yes 4
Jousting Court
City Yes 5
Juliana Circle East
City Yes 4
Juliana Circle West City Yes 4
Kelly Court
Kensington Way
City Yes 7
Kent Road
City Yes 2
Kentwood Street
City Yes 3
Kimber Ridge Court Private   8
King Charles Place
City Yes 1
King Court
City Yes 2
King George Street City Yes 1
King James Landing Road
City Yes 7
Kirby Lane
City Yes 3
Klakring Road
Private   7
Lafayette Avenue (Monticello to Southgate) City Yes 1
Lafayette Avenue (Southgate to West Street) City Yes 1
Lake Heron Drive Private   7
Landings Court
Private   5
Langdon Court
City Yes 7
Larkin Street (bend to West Street, known as the extended portion of City Gate Lane) City Yes 1
Larkin Street (parallel to West Street) Private Yes 1
Lee Street
City Yes 3
Leeward Court
Private   7
Legion Avenue
City Yes 3
Lincoln Drive
Yes 3
Linden Avenue
City Yes 2
Link Street (north side)
City Yes 3
Little Harbor Way
City Yes 8
Lloyd Court
City Yes 4
Lockwood Court
City Yes 8
Locust Avenue
City Yes 2
Loretta Street
Loudon Lane
Yes 2
Louis Drive
City Yes 3
Ludlow Road
City Yes 2