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  1. The City of Annapolis has both, City and Private Streets.  The Department of Public Works provides various types of services on City Streets.  Below (and on the left navigation panel) is a list of streets within the City limits, in alphabetical order, detailing the services provided.

    To access information regarding a street, select its listing below. If you do not find the street listed here, that street may be located in the Anne Arundel County or United States Naval Academy Service Area. This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

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Name Street Listing Notes Road Maintenance Responsibility City Snow Removal Refuse Collection Responsibility City Collection Day Refuse Service Notes
Eaglewood Road   City Yes Private    
East Street   City Yes City Monday  
Eastern Avenue   City Yes City Tuesday  
Edelmar Court   City Yes City Monday  
Edelmar Drive   City Yes City Monday  
Edgewood Avenue   City Yes City Friday  
Edgewood Green Court   Private No Private    
Edgewood Road   City Yes City Friday  
Elizabeth Drive   City Yes City Friday  
Elizabeth Drive   Private No Private    
Ellershaw Court   Future (City) Yes Future (City)    
Ellington Alley (SHA: Alley Number 9, Number 8090)   City Yes City Tuesday  
Ellington Drive   City Yes City Thursday  
Elliott Road (SHA: Number 957)   Private No City Monday  
Emory G Bowen SR Alley (SHA: alley Number 1, Number 8010)   City   City Tuesday  
Enclave Court   Private No Private    
Epstein Lane (West Annapolis alley)   City Yes Private    
Essex Road   Private No City Thursday Collection on Norwood Rd
Evergreen Road   City Yes City Friday