Street Listing - E

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.

The City of Annapolis includes both City and Private Streets with various types of service. The list of the streets are in alphabetical order. To access information regarding your street, go to the appropriate letter box. If you do not find your street listed here, you may be located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction. For more Information on Snow Removal see Snow Information.

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Street Name Road Maintenance Responsibility City Snow Removal Ward
Fairfax Road City Yes 3
Fairhill Court City Yes 5
Fairhope Court City   7
Fairview Avenue  (Bay Ridge to Cross) City Yes 8
Farragut Court City Yes 2
Farragut Road City  Yes 2
Fifth Street City Yes 8
First Street City Yes 8
Fisk Circle City Yes 2
Fleet Street City Yes 1
Forbes Street  (Mariner’s Cove) First 200' city owned City/Private   2
Ford Circle City Yes 2
Forest Drive  1901-2099 (Old Forest Drive) City Yes 3
Forest Drive  (Chinquapin to Youngs Farm Road) City Yes 3
Forest Drive (from Fairfax Rd. to Solomon's Island Rd) City  Yes  
Forest Drive (Rt. 2 to Chinquapin) County   3
Forest Drive (Tyler to Bay Ridge) County   4
Forest Drive (Tyler to Bay Ridge)  County   5
Forest Drive (Tyler to Bay Ridge)  County   6
Forest Drive (Youngs Farm Road to Tyler)
 addresses 1330, 1334, 1338, 1342, 1346, and 1350) - [effective 1/1/04] 
Forest Hills Avenue City Yes
even #’s 1618 to 1796 odd #’s 1623 to 1707
Forest Hills Avenue City Yes 7
even #’s 1316 to 1614 odd #’s 1307 to 1321, and 1401 to 1515
Fourth Street City Yes 8
even #’s 1052 to 1308
Fox Hollow Lane City Yes 5
Francis Street City Yes 1
Even #’s 100 to 1052 and odd #’s 929 to1037: Ward
Franklin Street (Church Circle to Southgate City Yes 1
Even #’s 950 to 960: Ward 7
Franklin Street (Southgate to Spa Creek) City Yes 1
Frederick Douglas Street City  Yes 6