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Name Appointed Reappointed Expires
VACANT     6/30/2025
VACANT     6/30/2025
Paul Murphy 6/23/2014 6/28/2021 6/30/2024
Bill O'Leary 9/26/2011 6/28/2021 6/30/2024
Vacant      6/30/20
Randy Rowel, Chair 9/23/2019 7/11/2022 6/30/2025
Jeremy Hanson 11/23/2020   6/30/2023
Anne Stephenson 6/3/2019   6/30/2022
Allison Colden, Vice Chair 11/23/2020   6/30/2023
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To be concerned with the protection and improvement of the natural health and welfare of the environment, the land, waters, noise, and air of the City and environs, and the recycling or the reuse of solid wastes. The Commission shall study the pollution of the land, air and waters and make recommendations to the Mayor, City Council and others, determining the source of these problems, collecting information about solutions to these problems, and educating the public (and individuals or organizations who are the source of particular problems) concerning their relations to the problems and their relation to the solutions. 


Nine residents who have a demonstrated sincere interest in protection and improvement of the environment. Term - three years. Appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Aldermen. 

City Code

View the Annapolis City Code on the Environmental Commission.

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