Helping a Friend Who is a Victim

Find ways to help a friend who may be a victim of domestic violence.

Use these guideline steps to helping out a friend who is a victim of domestic violence:

  • Bring up the subject
    • Don't be afraid to let your friend know your concerns.
    • Say that you can see what is happening.
  • Let your friend know that they are in a difficult and scary situation.
    • Let them know that it is not their fault
    • Encourage your friend to express their feeling of hurt and anger.
    • Remind your friend that the abuser is 100% responsible.
    • It may be difficult for your friend to talk about the situation.
  • Don't buy into your friends denials.
    • If your friend denies that it is a dangerous situation. Let them know that you believe that it is serious and dangerous.
  • Provide your friend with reading material about domestic violence.
  • Go with your friend to when they receive medical treatment, to the police, to court, or to see a lawyer.
  • Help your friend develop a safe plan.
    • Make sure that the plan puts safety first.
  • If you are a victim, let people that care about you know.
    • Confide in someone you trust.
    • Do not let friends talk you into something that does not feel right. Make your own decisions.
    • Leave an emergency kit with a friend.
    • Ask a friend to go with you to important appointments.
    • Make sure friends know your safety plan.