Small & Minority Business

The City of Annapolis is a growing community consisting of an increasingly diverse population. This diversity provides for a vibrant community that promotes growth. The City of Annapolis believes that all of its citizens should benefit from this economic growth, without regard to race, color, religion or economic status.

The city is committed to increasing the opportunities for participation of existing and new small, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses located in the City of Annapolis to ensure diversity in its procurement activities.

Small/Minority Business Enterprise (SMBE) Program

The mission of the Small/Minority Business Enterprise (SMBE) Program is to create an environment that stimulates greater procurement participation from all parts of the community with particular emphasis on small and minority owned businesses. The Small/Minority Business Enterprise Program strives to create an environment that expands the prosperity of small/minority businesses, cultivates mutually beneficial partnerships, and engages the community to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the city.

On a continuous basis the Small/Minority Business Enterprise Program conducts outreach efforts to identify and register small, women and minority businesses interested in supplying goods and services to the City. These businesses are encouraged to respond to all Invitations for Bids and Requests for Proposals. In addition, the city strongly encourages each contractor and/or supplier with which the city contracts to actively solicit minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and businesses located in the city as subcontractors/suppliers for their projects.

A list of potential vendors can be identified at the following websites: