Secure Home Tips

Don't give burglars a helping hand. Most home burglars are amateurs looking for easy targets; homes which appear unoccupied and unprotected, homes without adequate locks and lighting and locations that offer concealment from neighbors and passing motorists.

There are easy, effective and inexpensive crime prevention measures that residents should employ.

Start with a Survey of Your Home

Identify potential weaknesses around your property. We recommend the following approach to eliminate criminal opportunities.
  • Give your home the appearance of occupancy at all times.
  • At night, leave on outdoor lights. Effective lighting over doorways and garages, and strategically placed floodlights (particularly those with motion detectors), add to prevention measures.
  • Windows and doors should be securely locked. Inadequate locks should be replaced or supplemented.
  • Shrubbery should not obscure doors and windows.
To supplement your survey, contact the Annapolis Police Department, 410-268-9000. At your request, a Crime Prevention Specialist will survey your home and provide security recommendations.