VIN Etching Program

What is VIN-etching?

VIN-etching is a vehicle theft protection system that marks your car easily, permanently, and safely, as a vehicle not to steal. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) glass etching marks a vehicle with its own set of fingerprints which make the vehicle easily traced when stolen. Chop shops are only interested in profit of selling untraceable vehicles and their parts. Etching takes that profit away, as it costs between $1,000 and $5,000 to replace all the etched windows. A typical professional thief knows this and will pass up etched vehicles and steal an easier to sell, unetched vehicle instead.

Police departments know very well the value of etching your VIN in the windows of your car or truck. They know that marked auto parts cannot easily be sold by thieves. The Annapolis Police department recommends that you etch your car's Vehicle Identification Number into the car's windows.

Even Though You're Insured, Car Theft Will Still Cost You

What is the amount of your deductible? How much more than "book value" will a comparable car really cost? What items left in your car are not covered?

Many auto insurance companies give a "security device" discount on your premiums for vehicles with the VIN etched into the windows.

VIN etching is considered a "passive" security system. (Passive systems don't require the vehicle operator to turn something on, like arming an alarm system). Passive systems always merit a higher discount rate than active systems, because the owner or operator can't forget to "turn it on" and there are no parts to break or go bad. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer a security device discount.