Program Benefits

A Neighborhood Watch Program can put the neighbor back into neighborhood by creating a sense of community.

It brings law enforcement and the citizens together to reduce crime. Benefits include:

  • Reducing the risk of being a crime victim: Participants are taught how to take preventative measures that decrease the likelihood of becoming a crime victim.
  • Being better prepared to respond to a suspicious activity: Members are trained on how to report suspicious activities that are occurring and what the police need when a crime is being reported and why.
  • Greater access to criminal activity information: Members are informed of crime trends and patters so they will be better prepared to spot it in their neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood Watch sign posted in the neighborhood: Criminals know that an area with a Neighborhood Watch sign is not an easy target. This shows that the community has taken the necessary steps to deter crime and are probably being observed.
  • Knowing your neighbors: Neighborhood Watch promotes getting to know your neighbors and their regular patterns so that each of the members will be able to report any activity that doesn't fit with the regular schedules.
  • Reducing the fear of crime and making the neighborhood more liveable: Neighborhood Watch can increase the number of arrests and convictions by serving as a network for law enforcement and the community to effectively communicate about criminal activity in the neighborhood.
  • Allowing other issues of community concern to be addressed: Other issues of community concern can be addressed, such as Fire Prevention, First Aid, and City Planning.