About the Conservancy Board

Mission Statement

The Annapolis Conservancy Board will work with City staff, property owners, local land trusts, and other government agencies to preserve and maintain green space around Annapolis in the form of conservation easements that will permanently protect environmentally sensitive land, improve water quality, and provide additional recreational resources for the citizens of Annapolis.

Annapolis: A Great Place for Nature & People

The Annapolis Conservancy Board is the first public land trust in Maryland. It is a city commission dedicated to conserving environmentally sensitive lands for recreational, cultural and ecological benefits, through gifts, bequests, and sale or lease agreements. 

Collecting & Connecting Open Space for People

For over a half century, citizens and local officials have worked to preserve the historic character of Annapolis, helping to make our city a fine place in which to live and work. The Annapolis Conservancy Board works closely with local community groups and public and private landowners to preserve our natural heritage and enhance the quality of life in our community. Many of the lands now protected by the Board are part of the City's award-winning "Parks and Paths for People Plan" which identifies recreation opportunities and sets forth an open space preservation strategy. 

Supporting Chesapeake Bay Preservation and Restoration Goals

Annapolis is a densely developed waterfront city with few remaining natural areas. It is intimately connected with the Chesapeake Bay. Over half of the city is in the Critical Area, a shoreline zone that is specifically managed to improve water quality. The Annapolis Conservancy Board also sponsors shoreline clean-up and stabilization, as well as, wetlands and restoration projects as part of its stewardship of natural areas. 

How You Can Help and How You Can Benefit

There may be substantial tax benefits as well as personal satisfaction for you and your heirs if you dedicate land and or a conservation easement through the Annapolis Conservancy Board. The Board is prepared to assist you with tailoring a dedication, easement, donation, or sale to fulfill your particular needs.