Getting Started

The Department of Planning and Zoning has many resources available to help people who need permitting and planning approval.

Basic Questions

Do you have some basic questions about Planning and Zoning? Look at our frequently asked questions.

Search for Permits or Projects

To find out about a specific permit or project (such as a building permit, site design or variance), visit the Online Permit and Project Center.

Technical Guidance

Are you working on a site plan and need technical guidance? Our Site Plan Production Guidance July 2016 (PDF) will help you work through the specific requirements for everything from tree preservation, water quality, soil management, planting, streetscape elements, and more.  You can also refer to:

1986 Parking and Landscaping Manual (PDF)

1997 Street Tree Master Plan (PDF)

If you are working on a forest conservation plan, the City has released a local Forest Conservation Technical Manual (PDF).  The Forest Conservation Technical Manual outlines submittal requirements for Forest Strand Delineations and includes required information for the approval of Forest Conservation Plans such as specific forest conservation criteria and protection techniques.

Zoning and Adequate Public Facilities

Do you want to know the zoning for a particular property? Visit the Zoning Maps and then look for the street name in the index. Then go to the map number as indicated.

For information on Title 22, visit Adequate Public Facilities.

If you have other zoning questions, please call us between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 410-260-2200, or email:


For information about the Eastport design review process, please see Eastport: A Guide to the Design Review Process (PDF).