Services for You

The Annapolis Police Department is committed to providing pertinent, helpful services to all communities.
  1. Addiction Information & Resources

    Information about addiction and resources for those addicted and their families.

  2. Annapolis Night Reference & Alarm Registration

    This information will be used by the Annapolis Police Department to make contact when emergencies or problems occur and no one is present at the business or residence.

  3. CCTV Cameras

    Through strategic and analytic tactics the Annapolis Police Department places CCTV cameras in areas of the City where a need is demonstrated.

  4. Citizen Fingerprinting

    Fingerprinting is conducted on a walk in basis. Please be advised that you may experience a wait or may not be able to be fingerprinted at all due to the availability of the equipment.

  5. Community Crime Map

    Use this LexisNexis Community Crime Map to see recent crimes in Annapolis. You can also sign up for customized email alerts based on a location and type of crime.

  6. Drone Information

    Make sure you know the drone rules before you fly.

  7. Hispanic Liaison

    The Latino Liaison Office is here to help meet the safety needs of the Latino community and to increase the trust and communication between Latino community and Annapolis Police Department (APD).

  8. Know Your Limit

    Know Your Limit is an educational program established by Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides and the Annapolis Police Department to combat drunk driving. Officers offer free breathalyzer tests and distribute literature concerning drunk driving and available alternatives in Annapolis.

  9. Medication Disposal Drop Box

    The Annapolis Police Department has a medication drop off box located in the front lobby of the Police Department.

  10. Neighborhood Watch Program

    Neighborhood Watch works when citizens take an active role in making their community safer.

  11. Obtaining a Police Report

    Discover the steps needed to take in order to obtain a police report.

  12. P.E.D.A.L.

    P.E.D.A.L. to stop Annapolis bike thefts!

  13. Police Property Auctions

    In accordance with Maryland state law, the Charter and Code of the City of Annapolis, and Department policies, the Annapolis Police Department sells at public auction all lost, abandoned, unclaimed, forfeited or stolen property.

  14. Ride-Along Program

    Ride-along Thursdays allows City of Annapolis residents to accompany patrol officers during a portion of their shift.

  15. Safe Stations

    A program to combat the growing heroin and opioid addiction crisis.

  16. Security Surveys

    Find information about security surveys for both residential and commercial properties.

  17. Scooter Watch

    Annapolis Police are leading the effort for the region to protect property with the “Scooter Watch” initiative. The number of recovered scooters, created a problem for our officers, when making attempts to verify ownership.

  18. Speed & Red Light Cameras

    The City of Annapolis has three speed enforcement cameras that can be positioned in school zones throughout the city.

  19. Transaction Safe Place

    In a proactive effort to safeguard our citizens, the Annapolis Police Department is welcoming the public to our department to close their online transactions in a safer way.

  20. Victim Notifications

    The National Victim Notification Network provides a website where crime victims can obtain information about custody status of offenders and register to be notified of changes in custody status.

  21. VIN Etching Program

    VIN-etching is a vehicle theft protection system that marks your car easily, permanently, and safely, as a vehicle not to steal. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) glass etching marks a vehicle with its own set of fingerprints which make the vehicle easily traced when stolen.

  22. Watch Your Car Program

    The Watch Your Car program is a national vehicle theft prevention program funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the United States Department of Justice.