Duties, Salary & Benefits


Duties of an Annapolis Police Officer

  • Enforces the law and ordinances of the City and State
  • Patrol an assigned area during a specific period and/or responds to a call in motorized police equipment or on foot
  • Checks doors and windows and examines premises or unoccupied buildings or residences in order to detect any suspicious conditions
  • Investigates suspicious conditions and complaints and makes arrests or persons who violate laws and ordinances
  • Accompanies prisoners to headquarters, jail, or court and appears in court as arresting officer
  • Directs traffic and wither arrests or gives violation tickets to those who break traffic laws
  • Checks automobile parking in restricted areas and gives violation tickets when necessary
  • Works at desk, answering telephone, dispatching patrol cars, operating radio transmitter, maintaining records, preparing reports, and performing other clerical and administrative duties
  • Prepares and gives lectures to school, civic, and other groups
  • Attends fires or accidents in assigned area as directed, gives all possible assistance and prepares necessary reports
  • Maintains order in crowns and attends parades, funerals, or other public gatherings and quells rioters or other unruly disturbances
  • Escorts funerals, parades, and other public processions
  • Watches for stolen cars and wanted or missing persons
  • Makes investigations and enforces City and State laws pertaining to juvenile offenders
  • Answers criminal complaints and takes necessary corrective action
  • Provides emergency first aid as required
  • May be assigned to undercover or plainclothes investigative tasks
  • Serves as crime laboratory officer, collecting and evaluating evidence, taking and processing photographs, etc
  • Serves as drug custody coordinator
  • Classifies police incident reports in accordance with uniform crime code
  • Operates motorcycle, radio patrol car, or patrol wagon as required
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Starting Salary for Entry Level Police Officer:

  • $48,425

Lateral (MPCTC Certified) Police Officer:

  • $48,425 to $75,209.21

Entry Level Police Officers receive yearly pay increases for the first 7 years, then at 10, 12, 15, 17, and 22 years.


Benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 25 year retirement
  • Medical benefits after retirement
  • Paid vacation, sick, and military leave
  • 457 plans
  • Life insurance
  • Short term and long term disability insurance
  • Credit union services
  • Equipment and uniforms
  • Take home cars within the City and for some specialized assignments
  • Nightshift differential
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Police Academy and other professional training