Special Events

The City of Annapolis is working with City businesses to be able to allow expanded outside activities. 

Please work with your business association to coordinate the specific plans that your business has for the next few weeks as far as operation strategy goes.  Business associations can fill out the Recovery and Reopening Districts Application Agreement.

Welcome Back Annapolis Independence Day Weekend Celebration

For further guidance:

The form needed to request permission to hold a special event is required to be completed by individuals or groups who wish to use public space or city service for a special event. The completed application may be submitted via email, regular mail or fax number on the application. The Special Event Application (PDF) is reviewed by each involved department in the permit approval process. The department looks at the requested use as it pertains to City Codes and ordinances in the implementation of special events. If you would like to use or reserve a City-owned or operated park (excluding Susan Campbell Park), please contact the Department of Recreation and Parks at 410.263.7958 or go to the "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center located at 273 Hilltop Lane. If you would like to use or reserve a City-owned or operated recreational area, please contact LaKeisha Simmons

Application Status

Want to know what applications are pending or approved? Please visit the Status of Applications page